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True Mover from HomeServices Relocation provides home sellers and buyers access to a preferred network of trustworthy and competitively priced household goods moving and storage solutions.

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Rogue mover scams begin with an estimate that is significantly less than estimates from other moving companies. Once the household goods have been packed and loaded, the rogue mover will hold your personal items hostage, demanding additional payments, prior to delivery.

Despite efforts to curtail moving related fraud, reports of Rogue Movers are increasing.

Protect your move from Rogue Movers with HomeServices Relocation

Moving company leaves customers without furniture for weeks, additional costs and delivery days

Promising to beat any price, Karen’s moving company appeared to be a good choice when she made the move from Ohio to Texas. The original estimate was $1,700, but the company doubled the price shortly before the move. Feeling up against a wall, Karen agreed to the cost increase only to find herself living in an unfurnished apartment when the company delayed delivery multiple times. The movers were holding Karen’s items in storage while she waited weeks and then had to pay an additional $1,000 to finally get her furniture and personal belongings back.
Protect your move from Rogue Movers with HomeServices Relocation

Local couple had belongings held hostage by moving company until they paid $1,500

Sharon and David had to move four times from hotel to hotel while they waited for their moving company to deliver their belongings. Unfortunately, the moving company was not responsive to phone calls or emails. They were held in limbo for weeks with several attempts to secure a delivery date. Instead of providing a resolution, they were informed by the moving company that they would have to pay an additional $1,500 for final delivery or they wouldn’t get their possessions.
Protect your move from Rogue Movers with HomeServices Relocation

Moving company refuses to unload truck without additional payment

Heather contracted with a moving company over the phone. She felt confident that the salesman she was dealing with was legitimate. On moving day, with a half-loaded truck, the movers told her that their original estimate of $4,000 was looking more like $11,000. She had to be out of the house and felt forced to negotiate, finally agreeing on $7,500 to transport what was already loaded on the truck. As if that wasn’t enough, the movers told her it would cost an additional $3,500 to unload her belongings at destination. The moving company, threatening to drive away with Heather’s things, got their significantly inflated price and Heather incurred additional expenses by having to hire her own UHaul.

True-Mover from HomeServices Relocation helps you move safely

HomeServices Relocation has relationships with professional companies throughout the USA and globally.  Contact us for additional information and assistance hiring a vetted, professional moving company.

HomeServices Relocation takes the worry out of moving with customized guidance that matches your needs and desires.

  • Recommendations for SAFE and RELIABLE moving companies
  • SUPPORT for both interstate and international moves
  • Insurance PROTECTION for your move
  • Homeowners’ INSURANCE for your new home
  • Access to mortgage brokers you can TRUST

Red Flags

Know the signs of a Rogue Mover
No Visual inspection

No Visual Inspection

The mover does not perform a visual inspection, either in person or by way of a video survey, to document items being moved.
Demands Deposit Upfront

Upfront Deposit Required

The mover demands a deposit before any work is done or the price is too good to be true.
No USDOT License

No USDOT LIcense

The mover does not have a USDOT license that is required for all interstate moves.
No Local Address

No Local Address

The mover does not have a local address on their website. Or no website at all. The mover is hesitant to meet with you at their office.
No Valuation Coverage

No Valuation Coverage

The mover has to be responsible for some of the value of your shipment but you still need moving insurance.
Non-binding Estimates

Non-binding Estimates

The mover is unwilling to commit and stand behind their estimate for the cost of the move.
Rented Truck

Rented Truck

The mover arrives in a rented truck which does not display their logo.
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